Healthcare Fraud and Qui Tam Lawsuits


Healthcare Fraud in Newberry Can Lead to a Qui Tam Lawsuit

Qui Tam AttorneyHealthcare fraud can include fraudulent actions against insurance companies, drug or prescription fraud, or government fraud. When healthcare fraud involves government programs like Medicaid or Medicare, the False Claims Act can help witnesses file a qui tam lawsuit against the company misusing or stealing federal dollars.

Qui tam lawsuits rely on one or more whistleblowers, who have witnessed fraud against the federal government, to file an action claiming that the business misused federal money or stole money from the government. In 15-25% of whistleblower filings, the federal government will join the qui tam lawsuit and pursue legal action to recover the money lost.

In the case of Medicaid and Medicare fraud, a company will often file fraudulent healthcare statements for services not actually provided, or overbilling for services, in order to receive more money from the federal government. Sometimes, this money is even funneled into kickbacks to other healthcare providers for patient referrals. These actions are illegal and if you have witnessed this type of fraud in your workplace, you may have grounds for a qui tam lawsuit.

Healthcare Qui Tams in South Carolina

South Carolina has many poor, rural residents, which means that many healthcare agencies rely on federal and state spending to provide healthcare services for those in need. However, too many businesses have developed practices to exploit federal money by lying about home visits or services for home-bound populations; over-estimating hours spent with patients; or overbilling for prescription medications. Not only does the federal government lose money, but needy populations do not actually receive necessary healthcare services, which can put their lives in jeopardy.

If you work for a hospital, insurance company, pharmacist, nursing home, or other healthcare provider and you believe you have witnessed Medicare or Medicaid fraud, a qui tam attorney can assist you in evaluating your potential case.

I Suspect My Employer of Fraud and I Want to Understand Qui Tam Litigation

If you have witnessed suspicious business practices in your workplace, which have defrauded the federal or state government of money, you may have a qui tam lawsuit.